Every TEDx event relies on sponsorship, good will and volunteers. Maybe this is the year for you to get involved and partner with us..

FIRST OF ALL, Here’s a little back history, enough we hope to inspire you to get involved wherever you feel drawn to, maybe as a Speaker, Event Partner, Volunteer or a key  Team Member!

2018 our founder Janie Lazar invites Sue Adams for coffee and TEDx Dun Laoghaire becomes a reality. Little did they realise how much TEDx would become part of their lives but a high point in the local area.  Within minutes TEDx Dun Laoghaire is launched including a session for young speakers in the morning.  After all, why not make good use of the 125 capacity in The Studio theatre, the LexIcon had kindly sponsored.   Going all out, our fearless organisers invited Kevan Chandler as the first international guest speaker.

Fast forward to 2019 in keeping with our ethos of inclusion, Joanne Chester becomes the first Deaf Irish TEDx speaker and so began our appreciation of ISL –  Irish Sign Language with interpreters at our events and to enable Joanne’s participation in our collaborative coaching program.  Everyone in the audience that night including Joanne’s parents gained a deeper appreciation of what it is to be Deaf and through the power of Joanne telling her story, Joanne found her ‘voice’  and with ISL, Ireland’s 3rd official language we ‘heard’ her.   TEDxYouth@DunLaoghaire is launched giving young speakers licence to share their experiences on a global platform. Thanks to sponsorship from our local Enterprise Board in Dun Laoghaire, all our speakers benefit from 1:1 and collaborative coaching to support them in their speaker journeys.

2020 .. the world changed.   And TED/TEDxOrganisers rethink how to keep the talks going whilst retaining some of the magic of the in person theatre experience.  #TEDxDL goes  virtual using professionally  pre-recorded talks thanks to videographers Staunton Media ensuring our high production was maintained.  Let’s be honest though, we did miss the buzz of the live theatre.  BUT #TEDxDL was, we believe, the only one in Ireland to happen in a year we shall never forget!.

#TEDxDL22 TEDx Dun Laoghaire takes the stage and the magic is back. To a limited audience in one of the most intimate local theatres around, TEDxYouth@DunLaoghaire  in the morning and TEDxDunLaoghaire by night.  DLR The Studio hosting us once again.

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