Morning Session

Please note the morning session is a closed event and not open to the general public.  Once talks have been delivered, the talks will be uploaded and available to view.


Here are your speakers for TEDx Dún Laoghaire 2019 Young Change makers;

Grace Westrup

Grace Westrup, age 16, is a St. Andrews College student in the International Baccalaureate program.  She is involved in the Model United Nations Program (MUN), the Student Council and the Single Use Plastic Committee.  Grace is a senior hockey player for both St. Andrews and Avoca HC.  Her interests include debating, writing, and wake boarding. Grace is an avid reader and her talk will focus on perhaps her greatest passion ‘Reading.’

Shona Edge & Molly Gordon Boles

Shona Edge & Molly Gordon Boles, two 17 year old students at Temple Carrig Secondary School in Greystones, County Wicklow will be talking together about the ‘Hypocrisy around Climate Action.’

Shona Edge is extremely passionate about the environment, equality and combatting climate change. She enjoys literature, musical theatre and dance. Above all, Shona is concerned with misinformation and desensitisation in the media and how this leads to an ineffective approach to overcoming climate change. Shona has shared her ideas in Wicklow County Council, the Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action and radio. Experiencing first-hand the wave of protest and desire for change taking place in the world she wishes to share insights on the best and most productive ways to reach global goals.

Molly Gordon Boles is very passionate about human rights, equality and the climate crisis and has had opportunities to share her views on climate change including the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Climate Action, Wicklow County Council, her local community and school. She feels a shift in the current lack of compassion in society today is a key component in combatting any world crisis especially the climate emergency. From desensitization in the media to the recent rise in student action, the climate crisis is an ever growing issue that won’t be solved without change.

Camelia Sucaliuc

Camelia Sucaliuc is not unlike any other 15-year-old when it comes to her love of clothes. Originating from Romania, she has observed the cultural significance that clothes have in both Irish and Romanian society. After an in-depth analysis of her relationship with material items after a philosophical class and developing a more sustainable outlook, she now finds great satisfaction as she’s tapped into her creativity finding alternative ways to dress which don’t revolve around high street retail. Camelia is now a keen advocate for self-expression, conscious consumption, ethical shopping and continuous self-reflection.

Archer Bradshaw

Seeking out spaces to spark an open discussion about gender issues and queer identity is a passion for 17 year old Archer Bradshaw. Archer is a student, a friend, a brother, an activist, and an aspiring artist; he is also transgender. Archer has opened up the discussion on the broad topic that is gender at the Irish Young Philosophers awards with his documentary being awarded the critical horizons prize for social philosophy. He is specifically looking at how language shapes the way we perceive gender and encouraging us to think twice about the role gender and language play in our everyday lives.

Cuán Weijer

Cuán Weijer is a student in Stepaside Educate Together National School and is one of just six House Captains who are a connection between the teachers and the student body. Recently he received the student leadership award for the second consecutive year and also received Student of the Year Ain recognition of his contributions towards the school. Cuán is part of the 1 per cent of the Irish population affected by autism. At the age of twelve he was diagnosed with Asperger’s which is a higher functioning form of autism.

Finn Cahn

Finn is a student of Ireland’s first democratic school, Wicklow Sudbury School, where each child and each staff member has an equal vote in the decision-making process of the school’s rules and regulations. Children enjoy independent and self-directed learning towards becoming critical thinkers, equipped for life as unique, capable individuals. Finn has experienced everything from non-violent communication workshops, well-being meetings and consent work-shops to just general conversations at lunch over a cup of tea. All of which Finn believes gives him an understanding of how being truly listened to and really listening to someone else can change everything, which he will share in his talk.

Elizabeth Haughton

Elizabeth is 12 years old and in 6th Class in the Kill O’ The Grange National School.  She is a very enthusiastic sports player and loves to discover new sports.  She is passionate about building resilience and confidence in girls and believes that part of this comes from equality in sport.

Nathan Moore

Nathan Moore, an 18 year old student at Newpark Comprehensive School, Blackrock, has a keen interest in art, hockey and Model United Nations. He is a passionate advocate for human rights and plastic pollution and has been involved with various NGO’s and humanitarian organisations.

Nathan believes toxic masculinity to be a very relevant and topical issue and something that desperately needs to be talked about. We are all influenced by gender norms and stereotypes and he aims to open a dialogue within our community surrounding the expectations of males and how we all as individuals are influenced by societal pressures and their subsequent consequences.

Sophie Manning

Sophie Manning grew up between America, Canada and France, has now been living in Ireland for the past eight years. This experience, together with her school trip to Kolkata gave her a unique understanding that shaped her views and outlook on life drastically and will share what she learnt about acceptance there. Winner of the ‘Rotary Award’ and ‘Social Action Prefect’, she looks forward to studying languages and international relations in the future.

Denis O’Connor

Denis is a 17-year-old student in New Park Comprehensive School and would like to speak about how his earlier experiences in life have impacted how he sees life and helped him develop his passion for Entrepreneurship. Denis would like to explore this through his talk and encourage students who find school challenging, maybe they have a different talent, a talent that could lead to other skills and on the road to the world of entrepreneurship. Denis believes that schools should be teaching more real-life financial information and practical aspects of business management to help students think outside of traditional educational career development.

Conal O’Boyle

Conal O’Boyle is a 17 year old climate activist from Muff, Co. Donegal. His Interest in environmental action came from a stark warning he received as a child, and, in March 2019, he combined his passion for politics and his interest in the environment by joining the Green Party. In July, Conal became the youngest ever speaker at the MacGill Summer School in Glenties, Co. Donegal, and uses his platform to encourage more young people into politics and political action and will demonstrate why younger people should care.