Evening Session

#TEDxDL2019 Live Event – Friday, October 25th

LIVE Event for Ticket Holders Only – Doors open 6pm


Introducing your TEDx Dún Laoghaire Speakers 2019;

Jessica Bourke

Infertility:  The Hidden Struggle

With fourteen years of clinical experience dealing with fertility issues, Jessica has gained a reputation for helping people to conceive where everything else has failed.


Jessica is co-author of the ‘Guilt Free Gourmet’, and regularly features in Irish media, such as Ireland AM, RTE radio, Irish Times, Irish Examiner while also having featured as the ‘Ask the expert’ on herfamily.ie and rollercoaster.ie


As your ‘Fertility Detective’, Jessica’s goal is to help her clients get pregnant and stay pregnant!”

Jessica Supple

Could reframing intelligence change the world?

Jessica Supple is a social care graduate and currently works at the National Gallery of Ireland as the lead of a new initiative that is creating programming for young people. She seeks to bring colour and zeal to all areas of interest and work in her life, no matter how big or successful. Illustrator, song-writer, author, education reform enthusiast, social worker, foodie and psychotherapist in training. Ready to change the world through opening people’s eyes to their own creative minds.

Joseph Dalton

Collective Consciousness

Joe empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to rise above the confusion and uncertainty, so they may achieve their true potential in their unique way. His career spans over 28 years and is very privileged to have worked with many dedicated and talented people across the globe. Joe also hosts a Radio Show called Breakthrough Brands and Business Eye on Dublin South FM. He is also a member of the Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA)

Colm O’Brien

Steven’s Story – Why Our Approach to Schoolyard Bullying Must Change

Colm O’Brien is a Business Owner, Coach and Blogger, a Best-selling Published Author, Accredited Thought leader in Entrepreneur Development and a Motivational Speaker.

Outside of that he volunteers on the boards of CARI (Children at Risk in Ireland) as board member and The Lime Tree Theatre in Limerick as Chairman.

He is the proud father of three adult children one born in each of the eighties, nineties and noughties. He is passionate about leadership and role-modelling for the next generation.

Joanne Chester

“Not just Deaf”

Joanne Chester is Deaf & is an Irish Sign Language user. She is a Community Worker and Youth Worker with a passion of social justice. She featured in the “London Calling” documentary which was aired last May on RTE. In the light of the documentary, she is currently campaigning for access to work in Ireland and for Deaf people to be included as equal citizens. She says “There are many potential rising stars from the Deaf community who yearn to strive in society but they face barriers daily due to inadequate access and deep-rooted prejudices. With a shift in attitude, we can create a better society for us all”.

Waheed Mohiuddin

Waheed Mohiuddin describes himself as a highly motivated happy man. From a stutterer school drop out to a university lecturer, fiction writer, and then a refugee, he defeated the existing reality.  A master player of the game called ‘Time’ by Albert Einstein, a writer with  two published novels ‘The Chains’ and ‘Revenge’, as well as a short story ‘Noble Stones’ which revolves around the women rights, child abuse, peaceful and happy planet earth. Change is what makes life possible

Catherine Dunphy

The Power of Music

Catherine Dunphy has been surrounded and involved with music all her life. From a young age she was involved in musical theatre and was no stranger to the main stages of Ireland including the Gaiety and Olympia theatre and appeared on national radio and television. Catherine went on to qualify as a secondary and primary school teacher, bringing music into the classrooms of Ireland and other countries around the world. On the back of all this experience, Catherine created the ‘The Magic of Music’ programme and now spends her days working with children of all ages and abilities making music a part of their lives. She also trains teachers and facilitates team building through music with corporate groups. Her main goal is to help people of all ages develop their inner musicality to use it in their lives in a transformative way.

Lory Kehoe

‘Identity in a Digital Age’

Lory Kehoe is an adjunct assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin, lecturing MBA and MSc students in Digital Innovation, Information Systems and Business Strategy. Lory is also the Managing Director of Ireland’s largest blockchain company, ConsenSys, and a co-founder, alongside the IDA, of Blockchain Ireland. In his spare time, he surfs all over the world, music lover and is an avid reader. He is excited and hopeful about how technology will continue to make people’s lives better around the world.

Fergus Finlay

She won’t amount to much…

Fergus Finlay recently retired after 13 years as CEO of Barnardos, Ireland’s largest children’s charity. For twenty years prior to that he worked in politics and public affairs. He has been a life-long disability campaigner and chairs a government task force to implement a comprehensive employment strategy for people with disabilities. Fergus is a board member of the HSE, a writer, columnist and broadcaster, and Chair of Lakers, a club for people with an intellectual disability.

Additional Important Information
Please note TEDxDunLaoghaire is a live event and is videoed. Once the doors close, filming will be taking place and no late arrivals will be permitted.
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